Reliability and Stability

One of the features of Bahar services is its legality and standard. This means that it has met all the laws of the central bank and financial-banking governing and supervisory units, as well as standards related to financial-accounting systems. This provides the customer with access to a reliable and stable service, and the customer has the possibility of using them on a large scale and holding various campaigns on their systems immediately after accessing these services. In other words, the customer will be able to access a comprehensive banking infrastructure by paying a reasonable price.


By having a comprehensive and diverse package of various financial and banking services with the ability to provide simple and complex, in the field of wallets and small payments, Bahar covers a wide range of different business needs. The ability to localize services according to the specific needs of customers is also available. In addition, due to the parametric design of the services, the system has higher flexibility and customers will be able to easily adjust the system parameters according to their needs.

Independence and Adaptability

The infrastructure of Bahar digital wallet is not dependent on a specific platform. This means that one version of it is currently installed on the banking network platform, the second version on the Shaparak payment network platform, and the other version is also installed on the Telecom network platform that they can be developed.

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Bahar Services

Digital Wallet Infrastructure

Having your own wallet infrastructure

Bahar infrastructure is mainly suitable for large customers who need a full version of the wallet and want to develop their business. This infrastructure is based on a dedicated general ledger for organizations and financial institutions in the field of wallets and micropayments.
Bahar wallet services and infrastructure can be used in the following three modes:
• Service (API): Bahar company is ready to provide services to businesses with more than 130 basic and atomic financial banking services. This company is also able to offer all kinds of combined services to its customers.
• Branded infrastructure deployment: In this case, the digital wallet infrastructure will be deployed entirely on the customer’s servers.
• White-Label Infrastructure deployment: In this case, the digital wallet infrastructure will be deployed entirely on the customer ‘s servers and with the customer’s brand.
According to their needs, businesses can choose and use the version they need.

Digital Wallet Services

Having the own digital wallet on your app

Bahar E-commerce provides many services in the form of API to different individuals, organizations and groups. In general, the services of Bahar digital wallet can be classified in the following categories:
• Providing digital wallet services in API format
• Wallet Payment Gateway
• Wallet linked to the card
• Providing the necessary tools and documents to manage the wallet
• The possibility of buying by wallets on store terminals
• Host-to-host interconnectivity services
• Services that can be provided on the wallet platform with the participation of banks and payment service companies
• Possibility of depositing/withdrawing money, balance, purchase, transaction report and refund

Linking Digital Wallet to the Card

Link your digital wallet to the card!

By offering new services such as linking the digital wallet to a card, Bahar infrastructure provides new methods of services for customers to open a door to modern technologies in their business.
The following are the advantages of the wallet linked to the card:
• The possibility of using all the benefits of the wallet by card
• Easier and more common use of the card in financial transactions (Account or Wallet based)
• The dominant tendency of customers to use the card
• The possibility of choosing the transaction method for the customer (IPG, Card and QR code)

POS Device Enabler (Modex)

Empowerment of old POS devices

According to the latest surveys, about 9.7 million active POS devices have been identified in Iran. In the world, there are an average of 370 POS devices for every 10 thousand adults, while this number in Iran is 1561 devices, which is almost 4 times the global average. In other words, there is one POS device for every 9 people in Iran.
Besides, the advancement of technology in the new fields of wallets, including NFC, Tap&Go, and the increase in people’s familiarity and acceptance of payment facilities, such as wallet payments, discounts, coupons, vouchers, loyalty, and scoring, have provided this opportunity to create a new approach to using POS devices. Despite the advancement of technology and the increasing desire to use new payment methods, old POS devices prevent the implementation of these methods in the offline field. Bahar e-commerce solution in this regard is to provide a device to increase the performance of normal POS terminals, which is connected to the POS device through a RS232 port.

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Bahar E-Commerce

  • Bahar E-commerce is a business in the field of financial technologies and a strategic partner of Saman Financial Group and Saman Kish Electronic Payment Company. This company has been able to provide a variety of services and solutions in various areas of micropayments, financial services on electronic platforms and digital wallets to individuals, organizations and business activists by its own centralized banking system (Core Banking).
    With the support of its experienced experts in the fields of technology management, digital banking and financial-banking business management, this company provides customers with the possibility of designing and developing exclusive and customized software in various formats such as mobile application, web application, operating license and API.

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